• Drums for test bench

    In the automotive and transport industry, Plasma Service provides various drums for test benches with a coating that not only increases the service life but also improves grip.

    These drums are exposed to a number of things, namely:

    • Wear due to the many operating hours
    • Corrosive attack from rain and brine
    • Fluctuating temperature loads due to friction
    • Lack of grip due to too slippery base material

    By using a thermally sprayed coating from Plasma Service, you get a corrosion-resistant, very wear-resistant and temperature-resistant coating on the desired surface roughness, which significantly improves durability and grip.

    Give your existing worn and uncoated drums a second chance by having them treated with a repair at minimal cost with a longer tool life.

    Test bench drums are used in automobile and motorsport to measure power of a vehicle. The police also use test benches to measure the power of scooters and mopeds.


    OEM suppliers often charge exorbitant amounts for new genuine parts for their machines. As a customer, you often have no other options because it simply does not fit your configuration.

    For a fraction of the new value, Plasma Service ensures that your rotating parts are as good as, or often even better than, new.


    If something breaks or you have damage, the first thought is quickly to buy it new. By repairing the part or providing it with a preventive coating, the burden on the environment is reduced. An additional advantage is that repair is faster than manufacturing a new part.

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