• Plasma Service

    It is a complete machine factory with thermal spraying as its core business.

    This means that in addition to manufacturing parts, we also apply metallic, ceramic and carbide layers to new and used machine parts.

    Thermal spraying is a collective name for various techniques in which a layer of metal (a coating or top layer) is applied around wear-sensitive parts.

    Multi-purpose thermal spraying

    These layers are used to preventively provide the parts with properties that the base material of this part itself does not possess.

    You can think of wear resistance, hardness, corrosion resistance or chemical resistance.

    We can also return worn parts to the desired/original dimensions. This while the temperature of your parts will not exceed 100°C.

    Many services in one place

    Plasma Service wants to be a reliable and service-oriented service partner and strives for a sustainable relationship with its customers. In addition to thermal spraying, we at Plasma Service can also assist you with the following matters:

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