• Research & Development

    Due to its versatility and great advantages, thermal spraying is increasingly used when it comes to preventive solutions.

    For example, these techniques are applied en masse to implants in the medical sector and no jet plane takes off without rings and vanes being provided with a plasma coating.

    R&D, constructors, draftsmen and development engineers increasingly rely on Plasma Service.

    By making use of the knowledge and experience of Plasma Service, you as a customer are able to combine properties of materials. Apply a coating where specific properties are desired. In short, a different view of development.

    During a thorough acquaintance with one of our professionals, you will be able to:

    • Increase wear resistance
    • Increase or decrease the hardness
    • Increase corrosion resistance
    • Choose other basic materials
    • Extend durability
    • More economical to produce

    In this way you save considerably on development and maintenance costs.


    OEM suppliers often charge exorbitant amounts for new genuine parts for their machines. As a customer, you often have no other options because it simply does not fit your configuration.

    For a fraction of the new value, Plasma Service ensures that your rotating parts are as good as, or often even better than, new.


    If something breaks or you have damage, the first thought is quickly to buy it new. By repairing the part or providing it with a preventive coating, the burden on the environment is reduced. An additional advantage is that repair is faster than manufacturing a new part.

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