• Glass Processing Industry

    Glass, like metal, has eternal life. It can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality! This makes glass a unique material to keep in the cycle.

    The main raw material of glass is sand. It is mixed with lime and soda and heated to about 1500 degrees. Then it melts and can, for example, be poured into glass plates.

    A glass factory is a company that produces glass from raw or recycled materials. Today, glass is often mass-produced by machine, where it used to be made by hand.

    For the glass industry, we repair and coat glass gutters, both straight and curved, glass drop clippers, glass distribution gutters, collar bushings and many more things that are subject to wear.

    Netherlands Glassland

    Our country is an important exporter of drinks and foodstuffs, and packaging glass is a popular packaging medium for this. The production of packaging glass and many other types of glass and glass products such as glass wool, flat glass, fiberglass, table glass and special glasses make the Netherlands a real glass country. Glass and glass products make a major contribution to people’s well-being and in many cases contribute to energy savings in the use phase. Source: VGN


    We manufacture new parts such as bearing plates, conveyor rollers, gears and many other parts that are subject to wear.


    For the glass processing industry we apply very wear-resistant layers, up to 3x the tool life compared to the OEM parts. We apply, among other things, graphite or chrome layers in chutes.


    We also carry out repairs on worn machine parts. We give machines and machine parts a second or even third life. In addition to being faster and cost-effective, this is also better for the environment and the climate.

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