• Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

    The chemical industry is one of the largest and most important sectors in the Netherlands. This sector manufactures products based on chemical changes to existing raw materials. Because there are many raw materials and products that originate from the chemical industry, this sector is the second largest in the Netherlands; only the food industry is bigger. Examples of products and raw materials produced in the chemical industry are: cosmetics, plastics, medicines, cars, glass, metal and more.


    Together with the Plastics and Rubber and Pharmaceuticals sectors, approximately 6,500 companies are active in the Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Petroleum sector, with approximately 137,000 employees. The sectors have various characteristics, such as high-quality material knowledge and process technology, highly skilled personnel, extensively protocolled processes and control and a great deal of internal system control. Source: labor inspectorate.


    Because many different substances are used in these sectors, we look very carefully at which layers we can apply for which process, so that the coatings we apply are resistant to the substances in the various processes. We test this on the basis of quality control on the processes carried out. We check whether the materials and techniques used have been carried out in accordance with applicable procedures. In addition, this sector requires a standardized technological solution through, among other things, the application of high temperatures and pressures. Factors such as the presence of corrosive media and the complexity of the installation also weigh heavily.


    We manufacture new parts such as sleeves, drive shafts, pump shafts, bearing plates, gear shafts and many other parts that are subject to wear.


    For the chemical and petrochemical industry we apply very wear-resistant layers, up to 3x the tool life compared to the OEM parts.


    We also carry out repairs on worn machine parts. We give machines and machine parts a second or even third life. In addition to being faster and cost-effective, this is also better for the environment and the climate.

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