• Plasma spraying

    The plasma flame is created by generating an arc in an environment of high purity gases. As a result, the flame temperature can rise to 20,000 °C. The spray material that is used during plasma spraying is introduced into the plasma after which it melts. It is sprayed onto the substrate at a high speed.

    This technique is extremely suitable for applying high melting point materials, for example ceramic materials that are injected into the plasma flame in powder form. Due to the high kinetic energy, these particles are transported to the workpiece. A coating forms.

    Positive features

    Due to these and other positive properties of the plasma spraying, it promotes the following properties of the base material:

    • Strength
    • Wear resistance
    • Corrosion resistance

    Applicable materials (NEN-EN 1274)

    Aluminum Oxide Base     Al2O3, Al2O3/TiO2, Al2O3/ZrO2, Al2O3/MgO

    Chromium Oxide Base     Cr2O3, Cr2O3/TiO2, Cr2O3/SiO2/TiO2

    Titanium Oxide Base        TiO2

    Zirconium Oxide Base      ZrO2Y2O3, ZrO2/YMgO, ZrO2/CaO

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