• What can you do in metal?

    The metal industry is a very comprehensive field. Almost all constructions, installations and factories are constructed from steel. Steel structures, ships, piping systems, machines with rotating parts, you will encounter it everywhere. Metalworkers and mechanical engineers design, manufacture or maintain these installations and structures.

    Vocational learning path

    With a Vocational Guidance Learning Path (BBL) you opt for a training that consists of a combination of working and learning. You will gain a lot of practical experience and earn a salary. The BBL course is the ideal course for people who don’t like going to school five days a week and who would like to gain a lot of practical experience.
    So do you want to learn an exciting and challenging ‘metal’ profession with a job guarantee? You get that opportunity with us. In our complete machine factory you can be trained to become an all-round employee.
    You will learn the following in practice:

    • Conventional turning
    • Milling
    • Cylindrical grinding
    • Keyway slots

    Do you have the will and are you ambitious, please contact us.
    Mail to sollicitatie@plasmaservice.nl attn. Marcel Kloosterman and inquire about the possibilities.

    How can we be of service to you?

    Do you have a question? Please contact us by filling in the contact form.