• HVOF spraying

    HVOF spraying or high speed spraying provides a wear and corrosion resistant coating to many objects. The technique stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel, which means that with this technique a coating or top layer is sprayed at a high particle speed.

    The gas stream that expands through a special nozzle (venturi effect) reaches a speed of up to 1500 m/sec. The powder injected axially into this gas stream acquires a very high velocity (up to 800 m/sec). The resulting coatings are characterized by their low porosity and high bonding strength.


    • Fine microstructure
    • Very dense and low porous layers
    • High bond strength
    • Very smooth to edit
    • Optimal micro-hardness
    • Good corrosion properties
    • Excellent for applying carbide coatings
    • Low oxidation degree


    • Seal raceways against the running-in of the seals
    • Ball valves to improve wear resistance and chemical protection
    • Hydraulic piston rods in the offshore for seawater protection
    • Repairs or dimensional corrections of run-in shaft journals or bearing seats
    • Substrate for Thermal Barrier Coatings
    • Cavitation protection at hydropower plants
    • Pump housings and impellers against chemical attack

    Positive features

    The biggest advantages of an HVOF sprayed coating are the very low porosity and the high adhesion values. Coatings applied with the HVOF installation, are sometimes also called RAM coatings

    Applicable materials (NEN-EN 1274)

    Metals & Alloys           Steel & Stainless Steel & Molybdenum
    Chromium base           Cr3C2NiCr also known as Chromium carbide
    Cobalt base                    CoCrW also known as Stellite 1, 6 and 12
    Nickel base                    NiCrMoNb also known as Inconel 625
    Nickel base                    NiCrMoW also known as Hastelloy C
    Nickel base                    NiCrBSi
    Fuse alloys                     NiCrBSi

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