• Schmidt Performance Dragracing

    Plasma Service BV is co-sponsor of Schmidt Performance Dragracing.

    What is drag racing?

    Drag racing is an acceleration sport between 2 motorcycles or 2 cars. At a short distance of 402 meters (1/4 mile), on an asphalt or concrete track, the race is run to see who can cross the finish line the fastest from a standing position. To start this race and to be able to measure the times & speeds, a timing system is used which works with start lamps and during the race times and speeds are measured by means of sensors.


    Margot Schmidt, 47 years old.

    Other team members

    Margot Schmidt has been married for over 25 years and together with her husband Stefan Schmidt have been involved in drag racing for over 20 years. In addition, the team is supported by a number of enthusiastic people who are passionate about drag racing.


    Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 turbo, 500PK.
    Best ET 7.35/ 310 kph.


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    Plasma Service wishes Schmidt Performance Dragracing the best of luck with the upcoming races!


    • 15-17 April
    • 26-29 May
    • 30 May
    • 2-3 July
    • 26-28 August
    • 8-11 September
    • 24-25 September


    • Santa Pod
    • Santa Pod
    • Santa Pod
    • Santa Pod
    • Hockhein
    • Santa Pod
    • Santa Pod


    • England
    • England
    • England
    • England
    • Germany
    • England
    • England


    • Festival of power
    • The main event
    • Springspeed
    • STP Summer Nationals
    • Nitrolympx
    • The Euro Finals
    • STP National Finals