• HâLO Sidecar Racing

    Plasma Service BV is co-sponsor of the HâLO Delmeco Sidecarracin. HâLO Sidecar Racing is the sidecar racing team that carries the Zeeland flag in the ONK competition. The team wears bib number 87 and consists of the following members:


    Wout Vermeule, Heinkenszand


    Jarno Bouius, ONK/IDM

    Other team members

    The rest of the enthusiastic team consists of Wout’s partner Mathilde, Liesbeth, Robbert, Natasja, Peter and Toon. They support the men so that they can confidently take the bike on the track. With this enthusiasm they also take care of you during a visit to the paddock. This support will continue after the race weekend when everything needs to be ready for the next race.


    In recent years the team has driven the sidecar combination of Rudi Smith Racing (2004) with a ’06 R1 Yamaha power source.

    At the end of 2019, Wout and Mathilde decided to invest in a new chassis. The new Chassis is from Adolf Racing Sidecars. This is the updated type of the RSR, which, among other things, won the world championship last year.

    Initially we would drive for another year with the 1000cc engine. But Delmeco was so enthusiastic with our investment in the chassis that they decided to help us switch this year to the 600cc engines that will be mandatory within the ONK/IDM from 2021. This also boosted HP parts sponsoring the new bodywork for the span.


    Plasma Service BV is a socially committed company that sponsors both nationally and regionally. Based on this philosophy, we support a number of sports activities. We are open to great ideas and underline their importance. Sponsorship often arises from the involvement of employees and/or other relations of Plasma Service BV

    In addition to expanding brand awareness, sponsoring also contributes to the image of our organization and we show our social commitment in order to make a valuable contribution to society.

    Plasma Service wishes the Halo-Delmeco race team every success with the upcoming races!


    • 21-25 March
    • 30 April- 1 May
    • 06-08 May
    • 27-30 May
    • 02-04 June
    • 24-26 June
    • 22-24 June
    • 02-04 September
    • 23-25 September
    • 30 September-02 October


    • Val de Vienne
    • Hengelo
    • Lausitzring
    • Assen
    • Spa-Francorchamps
    • Most
    • Schleiz
    • Red bull ring
    • Hockenheim
    • Oschersleben


    • France
    • The Netherlands
    • Germany
    • The Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Czech Republic
    • Germany
    • Austria
    • Germany
    • Germany


    • Training week Carlos
    • Northern Sidecar Cup
    • IDM
    • Nortern Sidecar Cup
    • World Cup
    • IDM
    • IDM
    • IDM
    • IDM/ONK
    • IDM/ONK
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