• Axles/Pump shafts/Gear axles

    Everything that rotates is in principle subject to wear and tear. Think of shafts, pump shafts, gear shafts, but also bearing surfaces, coupling fits, sealing fits and other fitting parts.

    Why not have these parts repaired by Plasma Service?

    When choosing a base material for a design, one often chooses between high strength or a high hardness.

    Plasma Service applies a layer specifically developed for a specific application during repairs, or even as a preventive measure for new parts. For example, we can apply a wear-resistant ceramic coating in addition to a metallic coating to restore a bearing fit. In this way, combinations of properties of materials are applied that no single base material can have.

    Below are a number of photos of worn parts that we can restore with our technology. We will of course assess each case separately in order to be able to offer you the best solution.


    OEM suppliers often charge exorbitant amounts for new genuine parts for their machines. As a customer, you often have no other options because it simply does not fit your configuration.

    For a fraction of the new value, Plasma Service ensures that your rotating parts are as good as, or often even better than, new.


    If something breaks or you have damage, the first thought is quickly to buy it new. By repairing the part or providing it with a preventive coating, the burden on the environment is reduced. An additional advantage is that repair is faster than manufacturing a new part.

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