• Bearing seat

    Also called bearing housing or bearing block is a part of a (centrifugal) pump. Due to the high rotational speed, slack can develop between the bearing and the housing over time.

    If this clearance becomes too large, the pump could start to vibrate, which is not desirable.

    We restore the fits and bring them back in line with the mounting surfaces.

    If this is done in time, the chair can be given a second or even third life.

    Cost and environmental savings

    A repair is generally many times cheaper than a new part and also has a lot less impact on the environment. As a result, much less raw materials are used.



    OEM suppliers often charge exorbitant amounts for new genuine parts for their machines. As a customer, you often have no other options because it simply does not fit your configuration.

    For a fraction of the new value, Plasma Service ensures that your rotating parts are as good as, or often even better than, new.


    If something breaks or you have damage, the first thought is quickly to buy it new. By repairing the part or providing it with a preventive coating, the burden on the environment is reduced. An additional advantage is that repair is faster than manufacturing a new part.

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