• Paper, Textile & Graphic Industry

    The paper industry is mainly engaged in the production of paper and cardboard. The 100 largest companies that are active in this sector realize a turnover of about 350 billion dollars per year.

    The textile industry is an industry in which machine textiles are produced. It is based on the process of converting fibers into yarn, then fabric, and then textiles. Then clothing or other artifacts can be made from this.


    Together, the paper and graphics industry accounts for a turnover of 1.06 billion euros. 41,800 people are employed. Source: CBS.

    Typical graphic activities are:

    • screen printing
    • sheet-fed offset
    • web offset
    • flexo printing
    • packaging rotogravure
    • illustrative intaglio print
    • rotary screen printing
    • developing and printing photographic material

    Machines are used for all these processes and these machines are subject to wear to a greater or lesser extent. By applying thermally sprayed coatings, we can return parts to the original size or in many cases also provide preventive to wear-resistant to very wear-resistant layers so that the service life can be increased by up to 3x.


    Most of the layers we apply are very suitable for the Paper, Textile & Graphics Industry.


    We manufacture new parts such as bearing plates, gears, conveyor rollers, winding and cutting mandrels and many other parts that are subject to wear.


    For the paper, textile & graphics industry we apply very wear-resistant layers, up to 3x the tool life compared to the OEM parts.


    We also carry out repairs on worn machine parts. We give machines and machine parts a second or even third life. In addition to being faster and cost-effective, this is also better for the environment and the climate.

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