• Energy Industry

    The energy industry fulfills an essential role in society: they provide a reliable electricity and gas supply.

    This is done by using large steam turbines to generate electricity.

    Most of the electricity in the Netherlands is still produced by burning fossil fuels. At the moment, mainly natural gas and coal.


    The energy producers are slowly switching to other fuels. Electricity can also be made using biomass, with wind turbines, hydropower, solar cells and nuclear power. Some installations use geothermal steam or concentrated solar energy (CSP) as an energy source.

    The Netherlands will slowly switch to other energy sources. As a repair company, we also keep a close eye on this development. This allows us to adapt our procedures in time to market demand.

    We are also looking for greener options to carry out our process as climate neutral as possible. Of course without sacrificing quality on the repairs of the parts.


    We manufacture new parts such as sleeves, drive shafts, pump shafts, bearing plates, gear shafts and many other parts that are subject to wear.


    For the energy industry we apply very wear-resistant layers, up to 3x the tool life compared to the OEM parts.


    We also carry out repairs on worn machine parts. We give machines and machine parts a second or even third life. In addition to being faster and cost-effective, this is also better for the environment and the climate.

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