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A full-fledged machine factory

Plasma Service is specialized in the application of thermally sprayed coatings. But we do more! We are also a fully-fledged machine factory where we can, among other things, turn, mill, cylindrical grinding, drilling, slotting, welding and assembling. Within our company we have a lot of practical experience in a wide variety of industries. This way we can assure you that we can expertly complete all your metalworking assignments in our workshop in Breda. A high-quality end result is always delivered that exactly meets your wishes.

Craftsmanship in metalworking with us in Breda

At Plasma Service in Breda we really have a passion for metalworking. The professionals we employ work to a high degree of accuracy so that we can guarantee that the end result exactly meets your wishes.

In addition to high quality, we can also offer you excellent service, because we always think along with our customers. For example, we can think along with you and advise you in many areas, such as material types, dimensions, constructions or our specialty thermally sprayed coatings.

Thanks to our knowledge and creative solutions, the possibilities are virtually endless at Plasma Service.

Metal processing can be done with us in Breda

Are you looking for a company that has experience in metalworking? You have come to the right place at Plasma Service. With us you are guaranteed of a high-quality end product, excellent service and a fast delivery time. So for activities such as turning, milling, cylindrical grinding, drilling, slotting, welding and mounting, you must call Plasma Service.

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