Combustion Powder Spraying

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Combustion Powder Spraying

In an acetylene/oxygen flame with a temperature range of 3.000-3.200º c, the material which is in a powdered form is by way of a carrier gas accurately dosed, melted and sprayed onto the work piece.

With this process a large number of metals, alloys and metal compounds can be sprayed under verifiable conditions.

Combustion powder spray with fusing

After the application of the coating a certain group of powders referred to as the fusion group require an additional heat treatment known as melting or fusing. The fusing is done at a temperature of approximately 1.060º c. It is done to both the base material and the spray material. It is in this high temperature range that diffusion occurs between the coating and the base material. The result is a metallurgical connection of homogeneous structure.

The advantage of these layers is that they are resistant against line, point or impact load.

Applicable materials (DIN EN ISO 14920)

  • Aluminum alloys
  • Nickel chromium alloys
  • Chromium carbide ni/ or co Hrc 20-62
  • Chromium carbide/ tungsten carbide HRC 67-70

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