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Metals can be reused for eternity, without compromising on quality. This means we have to mine less metal ore, which directly means less environmental impact on the earth.

Raw materials scarcity

There is an increasing awareness of sustainability and reuse of materials. The earth appears to be an inexhaustible source of raw materials, so it is partly our responsibility to handle these materials with care. Metals are ideal for reuse.

Conflict minerals

It is the express policy of Plasma Service BV to comply with the Dodd-Frank Act regarding the prohibited use of conflict minerals.

Plasma Service BV applies various ceramic and metallic coatings, which we purchase in a chemical form. The various suppliers of these materials are all located within the European Union. They have examined their offerings and provided information that their main source of raw materials comes from the certified mines around the world.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to establish with 100% certainty that the origin of all raw materials processed by these suppliers is mined by organizations with an impeccable reputation for (precious) metals.

Plasmas Service BV strives not to use materials identified by the Dodd-Frank Act as conflict materials.

Increasing demand

The global demand for metals is increasing rapidly, even faster than the demand for food, for example. This increasing demand is caused by the increasing prosperity. Many developing countries are building an infrastructure that requires a lot of steel and other bulk metals. In addition, electronics are advancing worldwide and electronic products contain many different metals, which means that the demand for these metals is increasing all the time. The transition to sustainable energy such as wind and solar energy requires installations such as windmills and solar panels, which consist of different types of metals.


Re-use requires much less energy than the production of new material from primary raw materials, especially for metals. Reuse is necessary not only to prevent waste and depletion of scarce raw materials, but also to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Copper smelting costs only 10 percent of the energy that would otherwise have been required to extract copper from ore. Aluminum remelting only costs 5 percent of the energy compared to the extraction of aluminum from Bauxite.

The extraction of raw ore and the processing of ore into usable metal accounts for about 8 percent of the global energy consumption, so recycling metal waste can save a lot of energy here because recycling metal costs 10 to 100 times less energy than the extraction from ore.

Currently, more than 80 percent of the metal waste is recycled and the metal trade has for many years made an important contribution to the development of a more sustainable society.

Plasma Service BV

Our company ensures that the metal waste is professionally separated and sorted out. We carry out all this in accordance with strict environmental regulations.

After this, the metal can be presented to a metal smelter and / or exporter who gives the metals a second life. In this way, we as a company contribute to a more sustainable environment.

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