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Sliver roles

We repair sliver rolls for the potato processing industry. These rolls are used to sort cut potato products. The rollers have a grip layer on parts of the largest diameter which wear out over time.

Plasma Service offers an alternative for these companies: repainting the gripping surfaces and repairing the bearing and sealing fits. As a result, existing rollers are reused and the gripping surfaces can be provided with an extra wear-resistant coating, thus extending stand times.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Recovery of run-in journals, so that your sliver rolls can be used again
  • Applying a new layer of grip to the body. Purchasing a new role is therefore not necessary
  • Complete manufacturing of a grip roller on your specifications
  • Very competitive price, because we perform these techniques ourselves
  • A complete history of repairs to call on the recovery number

If there are any of these or similar forms of wear and tear within your organization, please contact us to discuss the possibilities and savings for your company!


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