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All that rotates in principle is subject to wear and tear. Think of bearing surfaces, coupling applications, sealing applications, and other application areas.

OEM suppliers often ask exorbitant amounts for new original parts for their machines. In addition, you as a customer often no other options because it simply does not fit into your configuration.

Why not have them repaired by Plasma Service?

For a fraction of the replacement value ensures that your plasma Service rotating parts as good as, or often even better than new. In the selection of a base material a designer often must choose between high strength or high hardness. One problem you will have more of a burden. You just choose namely a wear-resistant coating, where you can find it. So you have combinations of traits that may have no base material.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of the opportunities that are there. Of course we judge each case individually to offer you the best result.

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